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Transitioning Twenties: The half way mark

I’ve been feeling old for a while now, but in fact I’ll only reach my mid twenties at the end of the week. In this time I’ve deemed this 10-year span as the transitioning years. That seems to be my state of my mind these days with moving from college, semi-adulthood to college graduation and full on adulthood. Then you’re on to finding a good job and being a good citizen while figuring out exactly who you are.

What will I do for my birthday? Yesterday I didn’t know. Today I decided that I’ll go home and visit my parents, visit a good friend and hang out with my younger cousin who also had a birthday this week.

To celebrate this year I’m going to embrace my Louisiana culture and go to the Krewe of Centaur Parade XXII Mardi Gras parade, go have fun and drink wine at Painting with a Twist where I’ll be painting a Mardi Gras mask on a canvas and engage in Super Bowl XLVII activities.

Overall, it looks like my weekend voyage is going to be full fun, which I’ll enjoy immensely;  then I’ll go back to worrying and mapping out the rest of my transitioning twenties.

So, let the fun commence!


Hello world!

Tori here, signing on and ready to start going in the universe of blogging! My first real post will follow in the next week or so. Wish me luck!


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