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The Daily Post’s prompt for April 23rd. The Wanderer. Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit. GO!

Had a dream that I could move as I please,

Anywhere I wanted, far and near.

I walked the harbors of Boston,

Then moved down to Washington D.C., and

Stood before Lincoln and King.

Took a train to Chicago,

Walked Navy Pier and danced through Millennium Park.

Hopped a plane to Italy,

Had breakfast in Sicily and dinner in Tuscany.

Then I explored the rolling green hills of Ireland, and

Walked Malahide Castle’s botanic gardens.

©TNL, April 2014


Conflict Resolution

The Daily Post’s  prompt for April 22th: Showdown at Big Sky. How do you handle conflict? Boldly and directly? Or, do you prefer a more subtle approach?


Always a lady,

Never a hellcat.

Not saying gibberish,

Just stating a simple fact.

Mostly subtle,

Always direct, and

Bold when need be.

A showdown isn’t needed,

Especially if it can be interceded.

Don’t let conflict brew,

Nip it in the bud, and

cut it at the knee.

Then maybe everyone can remain drama free.


© TNL, April 2014


Thanks for reading!

Night Owl

The Daily Post’s daily prompt for April 21st: Because the Night. Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work?


The dust is settled,

The air is pure

The night is silent, and

Most are asleep.

A deadline is upon me,

It’ closing in.

Coffee in hand,

Armed with my laptop,

I sit on the couch,

Snuggled and settled in,

Preparing to hit my target.

I thrive at this time,

The night owl that I am.

Bluetooth headphones in,

Smooth sounds thumping in my ears.

Times passes and I’m done,

With minutes to spare.

Hours later I retreat from the couch, and

Make the journey to dreamland.

© TNL, April 2014




Saturday Night

The Daily Post’s prompt for April 19th: S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT! What’s your favorite way to spend Saturday night?


The week is ending,

Time to unwind.

Turn up the laughter, and

Drink some wine.

Invite my girlfriends over, and

Let my hair down.

Put records on, and

Dance all around.

Cook good food.

Indulge in chocolate

While we catch up on gossip.

Take out the guitar, and

Have an impromptu concert

Then a second dessert.

Followed by more wine, and

Even more laughter.

We talk well into the night

Then promise to resume again next Saturday night.

© TNL, April 2014

The Gift of Composition

The Daily Post’s April 13th prompt:

Can’t get it out of my head.

Have you ever become obsessed with something? Tell us about something that captivates your attention like nothing else.

Good music, can,
Captivate me and, deeply make,
Me feel things.

Reflect my mood,
With its charming and sometimes,
Hauntingly beautiful characteristics.

Rich like chocolate,
Smooth as silk, warm like,
The sizzling sun.

Instrumental or verbal,
Paired with a passionate voice,
Can grab me.

It could be,
Michael to John, to invade,
And lull my mind.

It’s therapy, it’s,
Expression, it’s healing, but most
Of all cleansing.

© TNL, April 2014

When Will I Be Famous?

The Daily Post’s prompt of April 12th:

When will I be loved? Have you ever dreamt f becoming famous? What would your claim to fame be? Comedy? Acting? Race car driving? Go!

Bright lights and guitars,
Microphones and loyal fans,
Singing my heart out,
Sharing my voice with the world,
Grooving and crooning across a stage.
If I could pick a dream,
I’d be a famous singer.
When will I be famous? Never,
I don’t want to be.
If I cold pick a dream to make reality,
I’d choose to be successful and have a positive impact.
Not famous, but successful,
I could still live a quiet fufilling life. My,
Privacy would remain my own,
Mistakes I make would not be broadcasted and set in stone, and
Any wins I have would not be viewed with adulation.
Not to be famous, but success is what I aim for.

© TNL, April 2014


Getting Started

The Daily Post’s prompt for April 8th:
Tell us your tried and true techniques for focusing when that deadline looms and you need to get work done. In other words, how do you avoid wasted day and wasted nights?

This is my take of it.


What to do,
I’m feeling stalled and lazy,
What to do.

Procrastinating and delaying,
Impending deadline in four hours,
Must get started.

A deep breath,
Must focus and center myself,
Ready… set… go!

Grab my headphones.
Select music on iPod, then
Set up laptop.

Levine is crooning,
I’m humming and speedily typing,
Finish line insight.

No more dragging,
Full on singing and dancing,
And saving furiously.

Proofreading and revising,
Second, third and fourth look,
All most there!

Sign into Gmail,
Start email and attach document,
Pressing send…Done!


© TNL, April 2014

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