NaPoWriMo’s prompt for April 2nd:
Write a poem based on a non-Greco-Roman myth. You could write a poem inspired by Norse mythology, or a creature from Japanese legend.


It’d been many years since I’ve seen this much carnage,
The pain, horror and shock.
People astonished and bewildered by the actions of angry men,
Foolish men with too much pride, green with envy, and hate in their hearts.

From the moment of the twins my raven was ready to burst into flight and lead the way.
And when the braves snuck through the roaring waters and landed from the sky I knew it was time.
Sitting high, I can see the change,
Feel the electric charge in the atmosphere.

Upon the first boom, I mount my steed riding down into the smoke,
My raven pierces through.
Through the smoke I can see them,
I must make haste and provide relief for them.

Feet on the ground I search the fallen,
Men and women who are really just children.
The braves who stand for freedom against the tyrants of the new world,
The scene a terrible sight, but I thrive in the mist of this chaos.

The wounded valiant laying to die,
Walking pass I hear prayers being whispered, hope being clung to.
Some will live to tell the tale of the horrors of the war in the sand,
But for those who won’t, I gather them for the journey.

Spreading my wings I take flight and a battle cry catches my attention.
Just beyond the river I see him, the finite mortal who’s brown eyes I catch,
He moves urgently as he pushes his fellow man away from the line of fire,
Pushes him down out of the path of flying ammunition.

The warrior stiffens, fires a shot at his enemy then falls to his knees,
I rush to him and his eyes capture me.
They sting me and warm me like amber
His stance goes rigid as hot searing pain goes through him and he falls to his knees

I hover over him,
I read his face.
He knows he will die and that he just sacrificed himself,
I want him, he is worthy to enter the great hall.

I begin to sing my song and lull my soldier as he replays his memories,
He thinks of how he died so far away from home and of his family and how his parents will mourn when they receive the knock on the door of the news.
Will they find comfort in that he’s a war hero? He thinks not,
As his eye’s close for the final time he wonders what his life would have been like if he’d have made it to 21
Would he’d have had a wife or children, he will never know

I am sad for him, but I know he will be one of the mightiest among the einherjar,
When Ragnarök comes he will ride with the Allfather and they will take VÍgrÍor by storm.
After pulling him onto my steed I follow my raven back into the sky,
Amongst clouds and gold, I awaken him.

Confused he asks where he is,
I tell him him we are in Asagard and he is now an einherjar in the hall of Valhalla.
Your days will be filled with merriness and preparing for Ragnarök.
What are you, he thinks,
I am Eir, a valkyrie, and you are home now brave warrior.

© TNL, April 2014