Hey guys!

I’ve decided to start participating in Today’s Author‘s WriteNow. Their prompt for May 16th was, ” He returned home from work to find an eviction notice tacked to the door.” Here’s what I came up with:



From sun up to sun down,
He works his fingers to the bones.
Grinding and slaving,
He alone is the sole provider for his family.
A widower with two children,
Working two jobs he does his best.

Getting off the city bus,
With a sweaty brow he staggers tiredly towards his complex.
A temporary safe haven from his ongoing storm.
Upon entering his building,
He finds an eviction notice tacked to the door.
“God please not again, not today. I just need a little latitude.”

He sighs deep, opens the door, and
Makes a beeline to the fridge and makes a phone call.
With a note left for his kids,
He’s back out the door and eating his dinner while mobile.
At the bus stop he prepares his self for another eight-hour shift.

He hunkers down for the 15 minute bus ride across town,
Mind and heart heavy he utters a prayer, and
Hope and wish for a breakthrough or a miracle.
A breakthrough that allows him to come out on top,
One that will never alert his children to how hard their father’s struggle really is.

© TNL, May 2014


Thanks for reading! 🙂