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May 2014

The Struggle

 Hey guys!

I’ve decided to start participating in Today’s Author‘s WriteNow. Their prompt for May 16th was, ” He returned home from work to find an eviction notice tacked to the door.” Here’s what I came up with:



From sun up to sun down,
He works his fingers to the bones.
Grinding and slaving,
He alone is the sole provider for his family.
A widower with two children,
Working two jobs he does his best.

Getting off the city bus,
With a sweaty brow he staggers tiredly towards his complex.
A temporary safe haven from his ongoing storm.
Upon entering his building,
He finds an eviction notice tacked to the door.
“God please not again, not today. I just need a little latitude.”

He sighs deep, opens the door, and
Makes a beeline to the fridge and makes a phone call.
With a note left for his kids,
He’s back out the door and eating his dinner while mobile.
At the bus stop he prepares his self for another eight-hour shift.

He hunkers down for the 15 minute bus ride across town,
Mind and heart heavy he utters a prayer, and
Hope and wish for a breakthrough or a miracle.
A breakthrough that allows him to come out on top,
One that will never alert his children to how hard their father’s struggle really is.

© TNL, May 2014


Thanks for reading! 🙂


Stones of Life

Hey guys, I’ve been under the weather; but I’m back now! I intend to finish my NaPoWriMo challenge even though April 30th was a couple of weeks ago.

NaPoWriMo’s prompt for April 24th: Write a poem that features walls, bricks, stones, arches, or the like. If that sounds a bit hard, remember that one of Robert Frost’s most famous poems was about a wall.



Laid out individual units bound by mortar,

Horizontally patterned by the hands of man.


Often left behind,

Like an echo in time.


Sturdy and sure, tired and true,

Qualities we look for in our fellow-man.


Holds together, supports and builds structure,

Protects its inhabitants against the storm.


We should emulate your characteristics,

Apply your support and protection to the people and environment.

© TNL, April 2014




The Daily Post’s prompt for April 23rd. The Wanderer. Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit. GO!

Had a dream that I could move as I please,

Anywhere I wanted, far and near.

I walked the harbors of Boston,

Then moved down to Washington D.C., and

Stood before Lincoln and King.

Took a train to Chicago,

Walked Navy Pier and danced through Millennium Park.

Hopped a plane to Italy,

Had breakfast in Sicily and dinner in Tuscany.

Then I explored the rolling green hills of Ireland, and

Walked Malahide Castle’s botanic gardens.

©TNL, April 2014

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