In the spirit of my playlist poem, i decided to do another one for April 10.

Oh Misery,

You’ve been an unwanted friend lately.

It all changed Under the Bridge that day,

You told me Fall was coming and then you went away.

“Say It Ain’t So,” honey,

Stay a while longer and keep it sunny.

You took with you the jovial warm glow,

Long days and the short nights where the wind would softly blow.

I need The Remedy or a cure,

Of this I’m very sure.

Fall passes, then Winter,

Spring comes and I began to hope.

May’s here and with it came a post, saying,

“Summer’s coming and I’ll be back,

From Seattle with our love in tack.

Meet me at the boardwalk Under the Bridge,

Where You and I Both fell in love.”

I reread the lines,

More than a few times.

Excitement bubbles up and anticipation starts to build,

And the temperature raises at nature’s will.Red rose

June comes and I’m filled with bliss,

Because all I can think about is your kiss.

I see you under the boardwalk

I want to run to you but I walk.

Your gaze upon my face fills me with a blush,

Then you reach out for my hand and it’s such a rush.

Holding hands down the beach,

We vow never let each other out of our reach.


©TNL, April 2014


Randomness Playlist

  1. Misery – Pink (feat. Steven Tyler)
  2. The remedy (I wont worry) – Jason Mraz
  3. Say It Ain’t So – Weezer
  4. Under the bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  5. You and I both – Jason Mraz