NaPoWriMo’s prompt for April 6th:
Spend a minute or so jotting down all the nouns you see outside. The spend a minute or so writing down all the colors you see. Finally, think about what’s taking place outside. Spend a minute or so writing down these verbs. Now you’ve got a whole list of words from which to build a poem, mixing and matching as you go.









Gloomy day today,

The ashen clouds are exploding rain.

Gray, red, black and white cars limp along the flooding road,

Getting to safety or attending to errands, I’ll never know.

The old black fence is lonely and wet,

Feeling lonesome without it’s little fury friends.

A mini flood’s taking place,

Amongst the lightening and thundering rain.

The yard could be scoured for buried treasure,

With the green grass submerged completely in water.

Rain falling, thick as clear sheets,

Swaying and blurring the browns and greens of the pecan tree.

I hear a door closing, a flash of yellow rain coat, a click and then a faint, “Hello, good day.”

The mailman’s arrival and exit and lets me know the afternoon’s reach its middle.

Less and more, less and more the rain and thunder dance and dance,

Sometimes mimicking a light waltz, but mostly steady and strong like a Rumba or Tonga.

Rain, rain bleeding into the next day,

Caging us inside but washing the all the pollen away.

Steady, strong, a slow trot then a trickle,

Finally, rain gone away.


© TNL, April 2014