NaPoWriMo’s prompt for April 5th:
Write a “golden shovel.” Pick a poem to shovel-ize. The last word of each line in your poem should be a word from the poem you picked. Once complete, you should be able to read your picked poem by reading the last word of each line of your poem.

I picked a Hope by Sri Chinmoy.

Hope passes beyond,
Far beyond
The abyss of despair.
-By Sri Chinmoy
From Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Tress vol 45

Here’s my piece:

There is always hope,
Even as times passes,
It can help you look beyond,
Away so far,
Even beyond,hope
Cling to thee,
Don’t fall into the abyss,
Excel in spite of,
Stand tall and smite despair.

Fight for positivity and cling to hope,
Even as times passes,
Gauge the distance though it may be far,
When you think you’re at your limit, go just beyond
Oh, you need thee
To stay out of the abyss
Excel in spite of
Drown out the despair.

© TNL, April 2014