2013Happy New Year folks!

Twenty-twelve is old news and now 2013 is here and staking a claim. The New Year has also stirred up and brought along new resolutions and self proclamations of being better. How many of us can say we made a resolution of self transformation and stuck with it to the year’s end? Most of us are burned out or have disregarded our new paths by February or March.

I on the other hand, can truly say that I stuck with my 2012 self transformation, a feat that I’m so proud to say. I promised myself that I would lose weight and become healthier and learn to stress less. I’m pleased to report that I did in fact lose weight, a whopping 21 pounds, and did eliminate stress!

It all jump started when my good friend Casey and I started the 17 Day Diet and became workout buddies. And the rest  is history.

Twenty thirteen is here and I’m going to hit the half mark of my twenties at the end of this month. What is my 2013 self proclamation, you ask?

It’s simple.

I’m going to continue on my weight loss journey, sans my awesome workout buddy who moved away. We’ll keep each other motivated in spirit and communication. I feel great and want to continue with what I started last year.

Stay positive, motivated and hungry for success and you’ll definitely tackle your resolution right into 2014!